Beeld-Kinderfonds has been one of our loyal and generous donors for many years

Beeld-Kinderfonds has been one of our loyal and generous donors for many years During a recent conversation with one of the girls in our Langlaagte Residential Care Programme, she spontaneously mentioned that her therapy session was the highlight of her day. Surprised at her enthusiastic reaction, I asked “Lindsay, so tell me ...

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A year in review

A year in review The first thing that came to my mind when asked to take the past financial year in review, is the fact that Abraham Kriel Bambanani was able to continue living its calling to protect, care for and develop children and young people in need of care. It is ...

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Remember baby Lunathi?

Remember baby Lunathi? The underweight, malnourished baby boy who was brought into the Maria Kloppers Campus due to neglect by his parents. His tiny hands and feet were rat food and he needed extensive occupational therapy and medical care to help him heal (Read his story here). Well… he’s two years old ...

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Smiling through the trauma

Smiling through the trauma Abuse and neglect have far-reaching effects on a child. The trauma often leaves them scarred for life. But, to live through the abuse and neglect, and make it to the other side with a smile is remarkable. And, that is the story of, ten-year-old, Dana (not her real ...

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Girls with goals

Girls with goals Carin and Lilly (not their real names) have been living in homes on Langlaagte and Maria Kloppers Campuses respectively. They have been a part of the Abraham Kriel Bambanani family from a young age. These two girls have faced challenges that broke them down mentally and physically and that ...

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Lina’s story

Lina's story At age 19 Lina (pseudonym) faced terrible odds for completing matric successfully. Her social worker was concerned that her circumstances would prevent her from fulfilling her potential. Lina, who has been in the Westbury Family Care programme since September 2013, lives in the Slovo Park informal settlement in a one ...

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Important Announcement

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT It is with regret that I announce that a limited number of staff members and beneficiaries have tested positive for Covid -19 at Abraham Kriel Bambanani. We are therefore in effect locking down the Langlaagte Campus and returning to level five measures for our community services for a period of ...

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