It is with regret that I announce that a limited number of staff members and beneficiaries have tested positive for Covid -19 at Abraham Kriel Bambanani. We are therefore in effect locking down the Langlaagte Campus and returning to level five measures for our community services for a period of two weeks.

There are strict protocols in place to isolate all persons who have tested positive and to quarantine those that were in contact with them until we can establish their status.

In response to this situation, we will not receive any donations of goods at the Langlaagte Campus. We will receive some donations at our other residential facilities by special arrangement and with all protocols and social distancing measures in place.

We request YOU, our friends, donors and supporters to respect these measures and to support us in the execution of these measures. That is how best you can show that you care right now.

We ask the public to be patient if they experience slower responses to administrative matters while we adjust systems to cope with remote working methods.

May God bless you and keep you throughout this time where our country is experiencing a rapid increase in the number of infections.


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